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The bonus in honor of Donald Trump’s inaugura tion.

Jan-20-2017 01:29:36 PM

The world is in anticipation of the inauguration of the new US president Donald Trump, which is to be held on January 20th, 2017. Razzleton HealthCare Limited could not ignore this resounding event: on such an important day we offer you the opportunity to receive a 5%-bonus for making a deposit.
Our offer is only valid for a day: from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT. The bonus is given automatically after making the deposit. Even more extra money will be available to everyone!
President recommends RazzletOn!

RazzletOn mobile app coming to your gadgets soon!

Jan-20-2017 01:25:44 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited keeps expanding the boundaries of the possible. To let all partners know the latest news, we have developed a handy mobile version of our platform for iOS and Android. Now you can quickly and easily keep track of all the updates on Razzleton from anywhere in the world.
At the moment our apps are in the final stage of development and testing. Follow our updates!
Razzleton - modern solutions for you!

Even more bonuses in 2017!

Jan-9-2017 05:25:20 PM

New Year is a new starting point. Razzleton HealthCare Limited starts 2017 with the best news for all our partners and investors. Now you can get up to 20%-bonuses to your balance from each of your new deposit every day!
The conditions of our bonus scheme are very simple: you have to subscribe to our channel on Telegram following this link and check out our updates. Half an hour before the launch of the offer we will announce the per cent of the bonus and how long the offer will be valid.
Moreover, every week all subscribers to our Telegram channel will participate in the lottery with pleasant and valuable prizes.
Razzleton - now the luck is on your side!

Christmas bonuses from Razzleton!

Jan-6-2017 07:29:52 PM

During 24 hours you will be able to get a guaranteed 5%- bonus from a new deposit to your account. The number of deposits and bonuses is unlimited for any of our partners!
Take advantage of our special Christmas offer to please yourselves and your families! This bonus program will be valid on January 7th from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT.
Razzleton is effective investment of your money!

Hindi language bar!

Jan-5-2017 05:56:15 PM

Christmas holidays are in full swing, but our friendly team knows no rest. To make cooperation with us even more comfortable, we continue the hard work to improve the Razzleton platform. We are pleased to inform you that another language has been added on our language bar. Now all the information on our website will be available in the language of 600 million people in India - Hindi.
We have provided our investors and partners from all over the world with the opportunity to work on the Razzleton platform in their native languages. Today Razzleton is ​​available in 11 languages:
Thank you for your interest and trust! Razzleton is taking care of everyone!

Presents for everybody! Hurry up to get a bonus!

Dec-30-2016 07:07:45 PM

This most magical winter holiday we give you the opportunity to get even more extra income. Each investor who will make a deposit on December 31st through January 1st will get a guaranteed 7%-bonus.
Attention! Our offer is valid only for 48 hours!
Razzleton HealthCare Limited wishes you great holidays and is preparing even more surprises for you in 2017. Check our news to keep up with all events and interesting offers from Razzleton.

New Year!

Dec-30-2016 04:33:45 PM

New Year is the time of pleasant change, bright emotions and presents. Instead of waiting for miracles Razzleton HealthCare Limited creates them! We are glad to inform you that we have prepared a new surprise for all our partners and investors.
Very soon each user of the Razzleton platform will be able to get a present from us. To learn more follow our updates. In the coming days we will open to you all the secrets! With care about our partners and best wishes for New Year, Razzleton HealthCare Limited.

Italian language bar!

Dec-27-2016 08:22:14 AM

Adapting the site for investors and partners from all over the world, we provide the opportunity to everybody to get useful information on the work of the platform in one of ten languages:
We make sure that the information provided by Razzleton HealthCare Limited is easily perceived by all our investors and partners. A complete rethink of joint business projects is our fundamental credo!

Chinese language bar

Dec-22-2016 01:07:30 AM

Ni hao! It is well known that today Chinese is the most widespread language in the world. In response to the increasing popularity of Razzleton platform among the Chinese population, we have expanded our language bar. Now all the information about our company and the latest news are available in Chinese.
Today to work with Razzleton, you can choose one of 9 languages:
Razzleton HealthCare Limited is pushing the boundaries of the possible!

Portuguese language bar

Dec-18-2016 02:43:40 PM

We keep on working to make the Razzleton platform accessible and convenient for all our partners and investors. Portuguese language bar has been added and now all users can get any information about us in Portuguese without dictionaries and translators.
We go ahead continuing to adapt our platform to the needs of all our customers. Now Razzleton is available in eight languages:

More good news to come! The most interesting is still ahead!

Vietnamese language bar

Dec-13-2016 11:04:22 PM

Do you know that Vietnamese is the only language in Central Asia based on the Latin alphabet? Why do we mention this interesting fact? The reason is simple: the Razzleton’s language localization is becoming even wider. Now all information about the company is available in Vietnamese!

Razzleton HealthCare Limited is grateful for your trust and continues to upgrade interface of the platform. The platform is now available in 7 languages:

We are striving to make the work with the Razzleton easy for our partners all over the world. Follow us - there is still a lot of interesting ahead!

A guide to creating deposits added!

Dec-9-2016 08:34:07 AM

Caring about its partners and wishing to make the work with the platform more comfortable, Razzleton HealthCare Limited has prepared a detailed guide to creating deposits. Do you want to invest using QIWI, Yandex.Money or Neteller? With our step-by-step instructions, you can easily make a transfer and create a request properly.
Investing with Razzleton has become even easier! The guide is available at the link:

Special offer from Razzleton - bonus for a video!

Dec-3-2016 12:48:20 AM

Want to try yourself as a movie director and get a nice bonus? Then you’ll definitely be interested in this offer.
Conditions for participation are very simple: make a short video with your story of using Razzleton and upload it on one of the popular video-sharing websites. This will bring you a 5%-15% bonus to the sum of your deposit or fund withdrawal transaction. Each user can upload an unlimited number of videos. We appreciate your efforts and guarantee that all participants will be rewarded. Razzleton HealthCare Limited wishes you good luck and inspiration!

Polish language bar!

Nov-29-2016 03:08:02 PM

Our platform has now got the Polish localization and our Polish-speaking users can have the latest information and news in their native language.

Today our website is available in six languages:

We keep on upgrading the platform to enable each our partner to use Razzleton service with the maximum comfort. Don’t forget to follow our updates: we are constantly improving!

Black Friday - get more!

Nov-24-2016 04:42:13 PM

The whole world is waiting with bated breath for Black Friday, the day when companies all over the globe please their customers with unique discounts and offers. Razzleton HealthCare Limited supports the world trend, so we have prepared a pleasant surprise for you!

This Friday, on November 25th, you will get a 5%-bonus on your balance for each new deposit, and a referral bonus will rise to 12%! Our special offer is for already existing Razzleton users as well as for new users of the platform.
Black Friday comes only once a year! Do not miss your chance to grab the best investment offer from Razzleton HealthCare!

*Black Friday starts at 00:00:00 GMT

Black Friday - coming soon!

Nov-23-2016 06:39:47 PM

Following the world tradition Razzleton HealthCare Limited has prepared a unique offer for its partners and investors. Stay tuned! A pleasant surprise is waiting for you!

Spanish language bar

Nov-19-2016 08:12:17 AM

Spanish language bar

Do you know that Spanish is ahead of English by the number of speakers? According to various estimates, more than 500 million people in the world speak the language of legendary bullfighters. For the comfort of our Spanish-speaking investors and partners the Razzleton platform has been translated into their native language.

All information on the platform is now available in 5 different languages:

Improving the platform we do our best to make Razzleton most comfortable for our investors and partners.

We appreciate your trust. Gracias amigos!

Winners of three iPhone from Donald Trump already known!

Nov-18-2016 05:12:37 PM

Identification of the winners was realized by summing the temperature in randomly selected cities. For each of the three lottery stages different cities were chosen, the weather in which determined the names of new owners of three Apple iPhone 7. The winners are:

Singapore + Athens + Manila + Dubai + Miami = 377, kostraleksandr
Sydney + Cairo + Rome + Amsterdam + WA = 305, edidiongg
London + Jerusalem + Beijing + Moscow + Tokyo = 239, paul77425

Razzleton HealthCare congratulates the winners and thanks all the lottery participants! We keep on preparing new surprises, which you will soon learn about.
Stay tuned! A lot of exciting events are still ahead!

Win three iPhone 7 instead of one. More prizes and tickets now!

Nov-16-2016 04:43:05 PM

Great news for those who haven’t booked their tickets to participate in iPhone 7 lottery! 100 tickets were reserved during less than 24 hours, so we have increased the number of tickets and prizes. Additional 200 tickets, one iPhone 7 for every 100 tickets, are already available for new participants. So, this Friday we’ll give away three smartphones instead of one!
Razzleton HealthCare is grateful to you for your interest and is preparing new surprises for you. Don’t miss a chance to try your luck! Enter our iPhone 7 lottery!

Donald Trump lottery Win an iPhone 7 this Friday!

Nov-15-2016 03:16:19 PM

Terms of participation:
- There are 100 tickets in the lottery (00-99)
- 1 ticket represents one active $200+ deposit*
- One person may hold up to 3 tickets. Your ticket number represents your position in the participants’ list.
- You may win a new Apple iPhone 7 (we will send you an iPhone 7 or a cash amount equivalent to $650)

Prize draw procedure:
- The lottery will take place at 05:00 PM GMT on 11/18/2016
- To determine the winner, we will open the website and calculate the sum of the current temperatures (°F) in Singapore, Athens, Manila, Dubai, and Miami at 05:00 PM GMT on 11/18/2016. The number of the winning ticket will be the last two digits of that sum.
- The winner’s number and login will be announced in our Skype and Telegram chatrooms.
Send in your applications to participate!
Promotion expires in: