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More than 500 RazzletOn offices worldwide. Join now!

Feb-20-2017 11:53:31 PM

We are pleased to inform you that a cooperation offer from Razzleton HealthCare Limited has gained a huge popularity among our partners and investors. To date the number of our representatives has already exceeded 500 people, and more and more people join us every day!
Continuing to actively develop this activity area, we invite you to cooperation with our company. Partners from Japan now have a unique chance to become the first representatives in their country. All you need is to create an application on our website, and in the nearest future you will be able to join our team.

Are you interested in our offer? Then follow the link: and apply. As our representative, you will be able to provide advice to investors and partners of Razzleton HealthCare Limited in your region and get additional income.
RazzletOn - endless possibilities for development!

"Feel like a director" сontest is over

Feb-20-2017 11:47:35 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited thanks all investors of our platform for your interest and participation in the contest "Feel like a director!" All good things come to an end, and our ambitious video project is also over.
All materials sent to us before the publication of this news will be processed, and their authors will receive bonuses. Videos sent to us after this news appears on the site will also be reviewed and posted on our website, but the reward for them is not paid.
If you haven’t got a bonus yet, don’t be discouraged. A lot of interesting projects and contests are still ahead. Check out our updates to learn about upcoming events first.
RazzletOn – we meet your expectations!

Landing page and video about RazzletOn success story added

Feb-19-2017 12:30:17 AM

Over the past year Razzleton HealthCare Limited has proved itself as the most rapidly developing and promising company. In the shortest terms we managed to attract a record number of investment and provide tens of thousands of people with a means of regular passive income. In order to clearly demonstrate our achievements, we have created a landing page, which will enable you to learn more about the history of RazzletOn success:

The new page contains the actual data on the company’s business as well as educational videos. If you want to get more information about our investment platform, then click on the link above now!
RazzletOn - your key to success!

The winners of raffle are defined!

Feb-17-2017 05:23:48 PM

News, the appearance of which you waited so long! We are glad to inform you that a few minutes before we get the results of our 10 gadgets raffle. Multiplying the temperature in Singapore, Athens, London, Dubai, and then adding to the result the temperature (° F) in Miami, we have defined the sequence numbers of tickets of winners. Today the weather was favorable to:
1 Apple Macbook 12 - 076 - VLADIMIR1951
2 Apple iPhone 7 - 176 - cdidar
3 Apple iPad Pro 9.7 - 276 - Valer4o1989
4 Apple Watch Series 2 - 376 - Hsoliman
5 Ninebot Mini - 476 - Mobster
6 GoPro HERO 5 - 576 - Elena_S
7 Samsung Gear 360 - 676 - Arinze
8 Sony PlayStation 4 Slim - 776 - mahmmoud
9 Harman/Kardon Onyx - 876 - BlackDron
10 JBL Charge 3 -976 - Bandi0022
We congratulate our winners! If today you are not get lucky, then surely you're be lucky next time. Company Razzleton HealthCare Limited prepares for you new contests and raffle.

Razzleton - with us your dreams will become closer!

A detailed manual on Bitcoin

Feb-16-2017 10:30:38 PM

Investing funds using Bitcoin payment system is becoming more and more popular among the users of our platform. To simplify this task for you, we have prepared a detailed manual on the use of a wide range of wallets with this cryptocurrency. After having read our guide, you will be able to easily invest in Bitcoin and get a quick return. The manual has been posted on a separate page of our website, which you can go to using the following link:
Apart from the detailed manual, we have created for you a short but very interesting and useful video that will help you understand all the subtleties of working with Bitcoin currency. Do you want to learn more? Just visit our new website page!
Razzleton - always be ahead!

+ 5% bonus on Valentine's day

Feb-14-2017 12:38:33 AM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited sincerely congratulates all its investors and partners on Valentine's Day! On this romantic and bright holiday we have prepared for you a new pleasant surprise. We are glad to inform you that every deposit made on February 14th will be automatically increased by 5%.

Our offer is only valid for one day, so we recommend that you take advantage of it right now. We get a lot of joy making gifts for you!

With love,


Indonesian language bar

Feb-13-2017 06:09:01 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited is constantly developing and adapting its investment platform for the convenience of all partners. In connection with the increased popularity of RazzletOn among the residents of Indonesia, Indonesian language bar has been added. Now the Indonesian language speakers get the possibility to work on our platform, without using translation services. We remind you that all the information on the website is now available in any of the following languages:
Translating the website into the native languages ​​of our users, we are becoming a little closer to you. Don’t forget to check out our news - there are still more improvements and enjoyable events ahead!
RazzletOn – perfection knows no bounds!

Video about Razzleton added!

Feb-13-2017 04:18:30 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited is officially recognized today as the most rapidly developing investment company. In confirmation of this fact, we have created a video about the history of our success, which can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Do you want more people to learn about Razzleton? Then add this video to your pages in social networks! The most interesting facts and statistics about the company can be found here. In addition, we have prepared some good news for you which you’ll be able to learn watching the video.

We declare with confidence that this is only the first step of our success. The most interesting is still to come! Enjoy watching!


Feb-6-2017 10:07:11 PM

More frequent cases of fraud! We began to receive complaints that the name of our company comes used in the messages with false information about new investment plans. Also that cheat-messages contain request to transfer money manually to the specified wallet. Be careful, this action is fraud. Beware!
All investments you should make only via personal account on the site:
All news, current promotions and their conditions you may find in the section "News":
or in Telegram news channel :

Representatives of administration, chat moderators and online consultants are:
- Never send messages to your email with the extremely profitable proposals!
- Never send private messages in the messaging app (Skype, Telegram) by offering special bonuses or other promotions.

If you get any any proposal in a private messages or to email with a request to manually transferring money or to disclose some personal information (username / password, e-wallet data, etc.), then you must be careful, most likely this is the fraudster who want to cheat you and steal money from your account or e-wallet.

Trust only official information on the website and news channel!
You can always check information or find help in online assistant window on the main page of the official site. User support is available 24 hours a day.

Telegram competition - even more bonuses from Razzleton!

Feb-6-2017 03:36:51 PM

More competitions for the subscribers of our Telegram channel are coming. Right now you can get a nice bonus for making a deposit. To learn more, subscribe to our channel:
Hurry up to take part in the competition: it will last only a few hours!

Limit for investment plan “Antibiotic” increased - now from $100 up to $ 5000!

Feb-3-2017 07:16:52 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited team keeps adjusting the platform to the needs of each investor and partner. Thus it’s been decided by the management to increase the maximum size of a single deposit for the investment plan “Antibiotic”.

The investment plan “Antibiotic” ranks second in popularity after the starting level “Beginner”. Currently restrictions for the deposit at the second level range from $100 to $1000. Our innovation will allow you to invest up to $ 5000. Get even more revenue at the level “Antibiotic”!

Razzleton - new time, new opportunities!

Optimization of withdrawing funds from Razzleton

Feb-2-2017 02:08:51 AM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited keeps improving its investment platform to make work of our investors and partners fast and easy. Due to the rapid increase in daily operations of withdrawing funds, it’s been decided to introduce a slight limitation. Soon each user will be able to create not more than 2 applications per day in one payment system.

This decision will allow us to significantly speed up the application processing and withdrawal procedure. Now the money earned will be credited to your account much faster. We are glad to inform you that you’ll be able to feel and appreciate the effectiveness of our innovations in the nearest future.

Razzleton - the most optimal solutions for your comfort.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Jan-29-2017 04:43:29 PM

According to the Chinese calendar, on January 28th the year of the Fire Rooster formally started. Razzleton HealthCare Limited sincerely congratulates all our partners and investors on this remarkable occasion!
We wish you even greater achievements and success in the New Year! We truly believe that the bright, dignified and headstrong bird will appreciate our ambitions and vigour and will help achieve our goals. Together we will change this world for the better!
Razzleton - the brightest events are waiting for you and us in the new year!

Happy Data Privacy and Protection Day!

Jan-28-2017 09:24:30 PM

Razzleton HealthCare team congratulates all users of our platform on Data Privacy and Protection Day! Though the whole world celebrates this holiday on January 28th, we protect your personal information 365 days a year.

Information Security Division of our company strictly adheres to the privacy policy. The use of innovative protection techniques and methods can completely eliminate the possibility of leakage of personal information.
Razzleton - complete privacy is guaranteed!

Do you have a deposit of $ 200 or more? Get Apple Macbook 12!

Jan-26-2017 05:54:28 PM

A sensational event! We are pleased to announce the launch of a new competition from Razzleton HealthCare Limited. Do you want to get Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Sony PlayStation and other valuable prizes? All our investors will be able to take part in the lottery with 10 cool gadgets which will take place on February 17th, 2017. It’s your chance to try your luck!
To become a participant of our competition you need to have an active deposit of $ 200. Apply now and get a ticket, which is certain to become the lucky one for you!
Attention! The number of participants is limited! There are only 999 lottery tickets. Hurry up to apply while there are still tickets available. To find detailed terms and conditions of our lottery follow the link:
Razzleton - luck is on your side!

Arabic language bar!

Jan-26-2017 05:43:20 PM

As it is known, the Arabic language is spreading rapidly around the world. In the US alone the number of speakers has increased by 29.4% in just 4 years. Razzleton HealthCare Limited always follows current trends, which is why our language bar has been further expanded. Due to the high popularity of our platform among the Arabic speakers now all of the information on the website is available in this language.

Today you can select one of the following languages to use the Razzleton platform:

We never rest on our laurels and always strive for excellence, making our site most convenient and accessible for every user.
Razzleton is your real path to success!

Minimum withdrawal sum increased

Jan-23-2017 10:49:51 PM

We are glad to inform you that the popularity of the RazzletOn platform is growing rapidly. However, among consequences of the increased interest of users is also high traffic on the site. In order to optimize the work of the platform, it has been decided to increase the minimum sum of withdrawal to 1$.
The number of daily requests for withdrawal has risen dramatically, which led to considerable growth of the duration of processing. Increasing the minimum withdrawal sum will enable us to reduce the time required to process your requests and pay your money most quickly.
Razzleton – everything for the convenience of our investors and partners!

Bengali language bar!

Jan-23-2017 01:34:13 PM

Bengali today is among the ten most popular languages ​​and it takes the 4th place in the world by the number of speakers. According to recent statistics, it is native for 250 million people. That is why Razzleton HealthCare Limited made a decision to further extend the language bar of the platform.
Now all the news and relevant information about our company are available in one of the following languages:

The bonus in honor of Donald Trump’s inaugura tion.

Jan-20-2017 01:29:36 PM

The world is in anticipation of the inauguration of the new US president Donald Trump, which is to be held on January 20th, 2017. Razzleton HealthCare Limited could not ignore this resounding event: on such an important day we offer you the opportunity to receive a 5%-bonus for making a deposit.
Our offer is only valid for a day: from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT. The bonus is given automatically after making the deposit. Even more extra money will be available to everyone!
President recommends RazzletOn!

RazzletOn mobile app coming to your gadgets soon!

Jan-20-2017 01:25:44 PM

Razzleton HealthCare Limited keeps expanding the boundaries of the possible. To let all partners know the latest news, we have developed a handy mobile version of our platform for iOS and Android. Now you can quickly and easily keep track of all the updates on Razzleton from anywhere in the world.
At the moment our apps are in the final stage of development and testing. Follow our updates!
Razzleton - modern solutions for you!
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